Ground Hog Day Revisited

— Imagine you wake up to find yourself living the day over and over again.  Well life at deAurora has felt a lot like that over the past 2 years. Remodeling began on space 1871 in February of 2011 that would begin the Re-Imagined deAurora.  Since then we have begun to create our new world which continues […] see more >

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From its meager beginnings in Georgia over 40 years ago, Habersham has become much more than a furniture company; it has become a lifestyle.  Often imitated, but never duplicated, Habersham has been the driving force behind countless trends over the last decade.  Made famous by their “shabby-chic” painted furniture pieces; Habersham has expanded their capabilities to offer custom kitchen and bath cabinetry.

Habersham Photo 1
Habersham Photo 2

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